I'm thinking about getting a new guitar.
Two, actually.
I want a new electric, and I've been looking at Ibanez's, Fender Strats, and Schecters.
I can't really classify my playing into any genre, 'cause I play it all.
Any particular models/brands to look at?

The other guitar I want is an electric-acoustic, and I have no idea where to start looking there.

My price range is about 800-1000 US dollars.
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i wouldn't go for a mexi strat or a gsa series ibanez.

i personally like the atrcore ibanez and the epi lp's

i played some washburn electric acoustics and i really liked them i would look into them
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Schecter C1+ or Schecter C1 Artist sounds about right for you. And they are pretty cheap too.
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just to clarify, you have $800-$1000 for both the electric and electro-acoustic? also tell us what your current rig is.
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