I need some help with my band's logo. In the past few days, weve been drawing up somet ideas, but im not any good at making art on the computer, so if anyone feels up to it, i'd appreciate it if someone could draw our logo up on the computer, and maybe make it look a little better and more detailed. We decided we liked the bottom shield on the page with two of them, but are kind of indifferent on the text.

The picutres are attached

Thanks for the help
The Upstruck Logo 1.jpg
The Upstruck Logo 2.jpg
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Ok it's a little rough around the edges but here you go

Lol, classic..
Dude, just get painstshop pro or something.
Not the trial..
Just get a patch anyway to cheat the system, or no, that would be illegal and wrong..
Not if you torrent it.
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I think i'll try that, ive not done much with torrents before, but im sure i can figure it out
Thats pretty sweet ^ Thanks, i think i'll probably go with that.

Btw, what program did u use to make that?
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Thats pretty sweet ^ Thanks, i think i'll probably go with that.

Btw, what program did u use to make that?

You could do better.
Thats definately closer to what i was looking for ^. I especailly like the font, thats what i was looking for more, but in my drawings i couldnt draw it. I might take that and see if i can do anything with it. Thats really good for paint tho, thanks, and nice job
how about this? paint ftw! not...
the upstruck2.JPG
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Thanks UG.
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How's this? I rushed and I only have paint, but it gives an idea...

You should go with a white "U" and make the shield black in the top left and bottom right sections.
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Just a quickie.

Oh, I like upside-down's the most.