Allright guys I did a cover on this song. I was listening to the dave matthews& tim reynolds version of it and I thought it sounded real good. I took out the solo of the song.

The " slide" guitar you hear in the song. Is me with playing the guitfiddle with a spoon

Hope you guys enjoy

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I would really like to hear the contrast between male and female voice in this beautiful song.
Smile alot today... okay?
Hey mate!! Actually I don't know the song, but what the hell.. is that really a spoon!? Very nice!! What a feeling.. And is that really your voice? Very special.. Different but with great feeling! Keep on playing!

Also nice to hear you liked my song! Great reply by you!
Haha yeah it really is a spoon and that really is my voice.

Also about my voice this is not a song I am actually comfortable singing. lol
I actually feel more comfortable with male versions of ella fitzgerald ( lol if you don't know her look her up absolutely amazing) and more jazzy tunes. So it was weird with the more american feel of singing. by the way thanks for the crit.
Smile alot today... okay?
The vocals are good, they reminded me of Marc Bolan for some reason. Random. Your voice was slightly flat in places but it is blatantly not an easy one to sing. And as you say, it's not the best style for your voice, so it was a well tried attempt. It's not eyecatchingly obvious though, I've just picked up listening for tonality fairly well over the years.

The slide parts were very cool.

The acoustic guitar I had a problem with, because I could hear all the creaking and undesirable noise. It seemed to lack warmth and punch.

How did you record it?

Great performance, just lacking productionwise. Especially good for a year of experience.

Thanks for the review budy
Thanks for the comment ^^^

I'm only 14 so I wish I could work for a better setup but unfortunately I need the education for the dough. My setup is quite weird actually.

30$ guitar- 200$ Microphone ( Ev) - Microphone into Guitarport- Into sonar 6.

hehe kinda weird and I get what you mean by punch I keep trying new ways to record the guitar and the punch was really what I was after.

Thanks for the crit hope that answers your questions. Oh and yeah hehe I was aware of the flat parts too for me listening to them they stuck out like sore thumbs But I couldn't find a way vocally around it. atleast for now.
Smile alot today... okay?
I like this cover, you did a nice job of recapturing the vibe. You got a good voice. I really don't have any critisism for this song because I think it was done pretty good. I would just work on getting the vocals perfect, and they almost were except for a few places so good job on that.
Never heard this particular Young song before, but I gotta say it's a very nice song going from your version.

It's really good, you have a very unique voice, there's some class little speedy vibrato parts you keep throwing in that I like. Other than that, the timing seems great and it all fits together nicely, like someone has already said the guitar sounds slightly lifeless, which does affect the overall piece just a little, but I really don't mind the flat notes in the vocals, I thought they actually added character to the piece in this case.