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I've been interested in building a guitar for a while, so I decided to buy a neck from Guitarfetish when they were having their factory closeout sale.
I spent a while looking for some timber at a reasonable price in my area, but all the quotes i got were for over £100. Then I spotted the ancient wooden chopping board hidden behind the dresser. This chopping board is older than me, and hasnt been used in years, so I assumed it wouldnt be missed if I were to make a body out of it.
It's made of 8 pieces of some type of hardwood (im almost certain it's maple.) I know that guitars made out of lots of pieces of wood aren't supposed to have great tone/sustain, but I thought I'd just go for it, to see how it turns out and to have some practise.

Pictures are:

Original chopping board:

In the process of cutting out

A large amount of the sanding done (it looks a bit skewed there, but doesnt look quite so bad in the flesh)


This has taken about 6/7 hours in total so far, but im not really looking forward to routing out the electronic cavities.

Ive bought some GFS dream 180 pickups for this guitar, and im going to have a fixed tune-o-matic bridge (black). Ill have a couple of push/pull pots for coil splitting the pickups.

As for a finish, i think ill go for this blue translucent laquer from Manchester Guitar Tech
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Has anyone got any idea what this wood is? Im thinking it's maple, but i guess it could be Beech. Also, is it possible to connect the pickups to the control cavity by drilling a hole through rather than routing a channel? I would probably mess up making a cover for a channel down the back.
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Chopping boards are usually made of beech, I've never seen one made of maple
Just looked at it again, definately beech.
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Just finished routing the spots for the Pickups and neck - not AS neat as i'd have liked, but it could have come out worse. These pictures are just mock-ups without the pickups and necks properly installed

this is a closeup of the part of the neck pocket that i'll have to shim, because my dad turned off the garage light while i was routing. Not too bad, but a little irritating nonetheless.

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surely you could have chosen a more interesting shape than a strat.

Still a cool idea.

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Good work, too bad about the mistake on the neck pocket.
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Tis a fairly heavy body, hopefully it wont be ridiculous when ive got everything attatched.
Thanks for identifying the wood as beech, is it supposed to have a decent tone for an electric? all i could find was acoustics made with Beech.
There probably wont be an update for a few days, ive got to get my pay through and order all the other hardware.

Also, if i bought a tune-o-matic bridge like the ones on les pauls, would the strings mount inside the bridge or would they be string through? I'd like to have a bridge that would have a little bit of leaway with the inontation, are there any other fixed bridges with that leaway?
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I've heard some people having issues with Gibson bridges on a Fender guitar... that the bridge sits too high?

I've seen some companies are putting out bodies with an indentation to sink the bridge into the Fender body a little.

I've also heard something about angling the neck to correct it... maybe someone can post more accurate info for you, as I have no experience with this yet. (although I would like to put a tune-o-matic on one of mine.)

Oh, and you have several options as far as Gibson style bridges go, there are wraparound top mounts that don't require you to string through.

All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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Yes, I'm aware they exist... thats not to say any old Gibson style bridge will work.

String spacing could also be an issue.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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use a tele bridge
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