Well dunno if its actually the correct title for this question..

If your going to play a song half step down and you dont want to de-tune your guitar can you play everything up a fret and get the same affect as half step tuning?

I just read it somewhere on a comment to a tab(forgot which one)
Well tuning down half a step:

E - Eb

Fret the first fret on Eb & it becomes E...


took me a while to realise to, haha.
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when you say up you mean towards the headstock right? Then that would work, unless you need to play an open string then you would have to detune your guitar.
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Honestly, if you didnt need to play an open string i would question the very fact that you would even downtune in the first place
^ Some people tune down half a step just because it's a little easier to bend. Kris "the shredmaster" does it for that reason.

Also Slash, some Van Halen etc. Some people go way further than half a step.
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oo i just wanted to find out because if im just playing with friends i dont want to take the time and detune my guitar wen i can just make it sound the same without drop tuning.

yea by up i mean going up towards the headstock...so is it towards the headstock or away from it to make things half step?
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^022100 in standard tuning = 133211 when tuned down a half step.
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If you were to tune down to Eb you would have to play one fret higher to achieve the same pitch in Standard. If your friend in standard plays a 5 on the E string, he is playing an A. If you're in Eb, to play an A you would have to play 6 on the E string (or 1 on the A string); if you were to play 5 on the A string you would play an Ab and it would sound very ugly. If you played a 4 (as suggested in this thread, if I'm reading correctly) you would be playing a G which would sound just as ugly.

You're going DOWN, therefore you must divide the string MORE than before to achieve equal pitch.
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