anyone wanna suggest a good laptop i can do some basic recording on and use as a normal computer to? lol
Beware that you won't be able to run top of the heap programs on a laptop, since they use up too much memory. Pro Tools is a no-no, 2nd class programs like Cubase, Logic etc may be OK.

That said, OS 10 macbooks are rather popular...
Solution: Don't use programs that hog all your memory. Get a nice laptop; 1GB PC3200+ memory, at least 2GHz processor, and an external hard-drive. Then, to solve the resource issue, use linux recording software. It'll save you money and give you better performance.

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i use nuendo on my laptop with no problems tracking or mixing. if u use pro tools with an mbox u may be ok becasue much wuld be taken care of by the mbox. im getting an mbox for mine actually, ill be sure to let yall know how it works. i mean im not gonna be tracking lots of mics, but for one or 2 tracks and mixing u sould be good.
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A Macbook with 2 gigs of RAM should give you no problems whatsoever unless you end up with 40+ tracks with tons of effects on each. Highly recommended.
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