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84 69%
9 7%
boxer briefs
21 17%
who wears underwear?
8 7%
Voters: 122.
ok, i used the searchbar and nothing came up. so, ug, im asking you, BOXERS OR BRIEFS? (or boxer-briefs)
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Freeballin'. Ahhhhh, freeeeballin'.
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Boxer briefs. Long enough to feel like a man and tight enough to hide my boner
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Real men wear kilts
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the logic... its. so. precise! you broke the code! hail Omni-Ragnarok for answering lifes biggest question, who is buckethead.
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Boxers. They don't hug my balls all day.

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Never heard of Seinfeld, what kind of music do they play? Assuming they use Kramers, it must be heavy!


I don't wear underwear.

Boxers don't DO anything, they provide no support.

And tighty whities hurt.
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Real men wear kilts

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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Boxer Briefs all the way man...Tightys just hurt, and big boxers spin and rise up so that they are touching ur chin...

Boxer briefs give you that happy medium... (Plus they look mighty fine on my ass :P)
I wear boxer trunks. Stretch cotton ftw!

Edit: Fine, boxer briefs. It says trunks on the label.
I've seen a boxers or briefs thread before, too.

But boxers all the way.
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If you didn't wear underwear isn't there a danger of getting the little guy trapped in your flies when zipping up or anything.

I did it once and I went 'high in the sky' because of the pain.
Boxer Briefs
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I agree with him

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Boxers, I like to have a little freedom down there.
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Allah Ar-Rahim says: BOXERS.
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my neew year reslosutions are not too drikn as much lol.

happy new yeeae guyas.