okay so i've been busy so i haven't played my guitar in a week and it worked fine but the cord sounded like it was shorting out around the top just because when it would press against the couch or something my sound would go away but now i go to plug my guitar in i get no sound and when i pull the cord out a little bit i get some sound but its not the full sound with the right tone and everything so i pulled my jack out of my guitar and theres no shorts or broken wires i also checked the rest of the wiring idk if its a bad cable or if my jack has problems or possibly ground wire problems but i just replaced the ground wire like a month ago and it looks fine
what kind of guitar is it? have you tried a different cable?

id take the jack out and put the cable in and see how that goes. sounds like the peice of the jack that bends in to make contact with the cable plug might be bent out of shape.
hmm i've tried 2 different cables same thing happens i have no idea what the problem is the piece of metal on the jack doesn't look like its anywhere it shouldn't be
It's easy to check. Get a multimeter from Radio Shack and google for instructions. You may have a faulty solder joint (cold-solder.) Can't be detected visually. If that's what it is just desolder and reapply. Make sure your output jack snaps firmly onto the end of the guitar cable. Jacks and pots may need cleaning (contact spray.)