When I first started I always practiced sitting down and I remember it being just fine. I got into the habit of practicing while standing and I've done so for over a year now and its all been good. Now I want to practice while sitting again for the sake of not getting tired. So ive started sitting again and It was awkward at first because i wasnt used to it, but ive mostly gotten over it. The problem is, Im having some frustrating issues. The biggest thing is, as soon and I sit down with it I instantly experience pain in my right shoulder (my picking arm). My whole right shoulder and my mid-back below my right shoulder instantly becomes tense and hurts. I thought that maybe it was because I just needed to get used to sitting down, but Ive been enduring this pain for over a week now and Im affraid ill injure myself. I have no idea what Im doing wrong ive tried several ways of positioning my arm but it always happens. Im pretty sure Im sitting correctly, I sit flat on a sturdy chair, back strait, feet shoulders width appart, guitar close to my body and facing outward parrellel with the neck slightly angled upward. I know its difficult for you guys to help me since you cant see what Im doing, but im frustrated and desperate for any suggestions.

Also is it normal for reach in the fretting hand to decrease while sitting? And to feel awkarwd playing upper frets while sitting? (like past 12?)

Sorry for long ass post..
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I dont think there is any problem how you sit or anything so I suggest doing some exercises and see if that hurts too and if it does-go see a doctor.
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That's strange, i normally find that my reach increases while sitting as you arent trying to hold the guitar steady whilst reaching when you are sitting down... (fraid i dont really know what to suggest, sure someone will though)
weird most people find sitting easier to play because the guitar is higher up on your body. Just sit however is comfortable to you I guess. You can get away with playing in really bad posture with an electric, so unless you're playing classical, then just move around till you're comfy. I know i sometimes lean back in my chair and my guitar is pretty much flat on my lap and I still keep playing.

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I have a lot of problems too, after work and classes, standing up just isn't an option. Also, I seem to play much worse while sitting. It helps a little bit if I still use the strap and have it up higher, rather than setting it on my leg.
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Try sitting in the traditional position with the body of the guitar resting between your legs. I'm assuming that right now you have it resting on your right thigh (if you're right handed). Sitting in this position releases all of the tension in your shoulder and it should help. Also this should help with your problem of accessing the higher frets.
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Stretch before you play, make sure you've loosened up. And if it hurts stop and massage the areas/stretch carefully.
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Thanks for replys ppl. Ill experiment with them. I guesse its just a matter messing with it untill I find somthing comfortable.
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