I'm learning playing the guitar.
A friend of mine lend me one of his guitar, but now I want to buy my own

I'd like tp get an Epiphone LP Standard
I just love its shape and like it has a 24 3/4 neck scale. Also its warm tone, I'm sure it's not the best, but don't want to spend too much money. My top es $500

These are the amps I'm looking at VOX Pathfinder 15R, VOX AD15VT or Marshall MG-15CDR
I will probably buy a VOX

Do you guys think is a good idea? Any suggestions will be appreciated

I want playing rock, something like: Muse, Stone Temple Pilots, Queens of the Stone Age...

I'm am not interested in: Metal, Hardcore...

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It's great guitar for the stuff you play but make sure you get a decent amp also, like a vox valvetronix or a roland cube. Go to a store and see which one you like better.
If i could go back and pick a new first guitar, the epi LP standard would be it

so yes, its an awesome first guitar
yeah i think it would be ok
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Yeah, thats a great starter guitar, you won't want to get a second guitar for a while either, its a decent guitar. Also, you definitely need a good amp, toha33 was right, get a valvetronix, theyre awesome.
Get it.
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Remember you will need an amp as well + all the other stuff such as cables, picks, strings, tuner, strap, bag etc.

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not very good, the neck is quite wide and glossy, but you can get used to it of course
if its a les paul you want then an epiphone is a very good guitar, unless you want to gig them it could probably be the only one you will ever need, unless you decide to blow 4 times the cost of the epiphone on a gibson lp standard, you may at some point want to change the pick ups in it but thats not something to worry about just now, and dont get the marshall mg amp as they are crap, get the vox