Hi, I was just wondering if this amp any good.


MODEL-Flextone Duo

DESCRIPTION-2x10 100w Guitar Modeling amplifier

So, what do you guys say? Should I buy it?

I think it is discontinued or something, since I can't seem to find any info on google. If you guys ever used it, please give some opinions

I've never heard of that amp, if you're looking for a line 6 buy a spider
Ignore the other guy - The Flextone and Vetta series amps have the equivalent of full Line 6 POD or POD XT's in them (the Vetta has even more) - seriously, people tour with the Flextone series and the Vetta series, nobody tours with the Spider series.

If you found a really good deal on a Flextone II, you'll really like it - I moved up to a tube amp now, but when I was playing almost exclusively through a POD XT, guitarists with a lot more experience than me thought the Marshall JCM and Plexi models sounded fantastic, the Fender blues and clean styles were great, etc. You'll love this.
Yeah, I found a used one, and it's less than 200 bucks. Do you think it's a good deal?

I know that spiders are supposed to be crap though... :p
I've never heard of the Flextone duo but I have heard of the Line 6 FlextoneII and III and heard they are good. The Spider series... not so much. I tried the Spider II series and it wasn't great. Have not tried the spider III series.
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If you buy it used check it out very thoroughly. Make sure all the modeling and preset features work.
Yeah, I've just bought it used.

What should I do if it arrives? How exactly should I test it?

If I were you I would do an internet search for a user's manual, sometimes you'll luck out. Basically just check every possible setting and see if it functions to your satisfaction. There's a lot of settings on it however so don't be upset if something sounds a little strange. Do a search and see if there are any reviews of that particular or a similar amp on the net and UG and other guitar forums. I believe Line 6 has a web site and forum also.
I signed up in the line 6 forum to ask.

Btw, do you guys think the price that I paid for it, 200 USD, worth the bang?
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I signed up in the line 6 forum to ask.

Btw, do you guys think the price that I paid for it, 200 USD, worth the bang?

Thats a good price - if you hate it you can turn it around on the 'bay for about that if not a little more I think.
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