$10 shipped for each one, and ive got the prices for multiples at the bottom. US only, unless you pay the extra for shipping. havent worn any of these in years, great condition, no holes, no noticable fading for the black ones (or other colors for that matter, but you know how bad it is with black ones). will be washed and all before shipping. ill take all the pics you want if theres any interest. otherwise ill sell them all on ebay in a bundle.

grey ringer that has blue trim or whatever you call it. says punk rock since 1992 or something and has the trademark mxpx ugly face guy. medium

royal blue one that has like a GI joe logo on front and says american punk rock. then something patriotic on the back.. i forget exactly. small size

navy blue one that has like 20 something of the ugly punk rock faces on the front in all in rows and columns. says something about american punk rock on the front along with MxPx... of course. medium

Ataris shirt thats black and has the ataris logo on front. on the back it says the end is forever (one of my favs back in the day). medium

Kung Fu records in black. just says kung fu records on the front and thats all. medium

Charged GBH in black. has the band name and a band pic on the front. another one of my favs. medium
(has been in one of my guitar drawers for some reason and is covered in steel wool fragments, ill take pics after it gets washed.)

The Vandals in black. possibly the most badass punk tee ive ever owned. has the anarchy burger logo on the front and says anargy burder hold the government with the logo. i hope someone snags this up real quick... was thinking about cutting the sleeves off the other day to wear it, but decided against it. medium

thats all ive found yet, i think ive got a few more MxPx ones somewhere. in case youre wondering, ive got my foot in a cast and havent been able to work for the past 7 months, so i need to make some cash, and ive just moved back in with my parents and found all these in my old closet. i bought all these probably about 5-7 years ago when i LOVED mxpx.

2 for $17, 3 for $25, 4 for $32, 5 for $39, 6 for $46, all 7 for $50. those are pretty firm, but ill still haggle with ya haha. also offer up any trades for music gear, ill consider all of em.
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thats soo cool, I love mxpx as you can tell, I just am afraid of buying things online anymore...
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haha yea i know how ya feel. ive got perfect feedback on several different sites (tradegamesnow.com, mcarterbrown.com, and ebay) and about 70+ of it, if you're interested in any of this. 3 mxpx shirts for $25 cmon you cant beat that.