I saw an advertisement in Guitar World magazine for the Ibanez MIMX amp. From what I read, it sounded pretty good, with both the Half Stack and Combo models having the same capabilities. They've got 11 Amp models, 10 preset locations, 50 rhythm patterns, and 13 effects. The 65-watt Combo model lists for $350, which seems like a good deal to me. I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about these amps, or maybe got the chance to play through one. I mainly play metal and was thinking about buying the Combo model. Is this a good idea or not? Thanks.
I have the combo and I really dig it. It is incredibly loud for its size. It does not act like a 50watt solid state amp. It has more settings than I could ever use and does a great job approximating metal sounds. Get the foot pedal or you will not have access to several of the effects.