hey peeps! does anyone know any boands like los lonely boys? i can't seem to find any. i've only come across los lobos, which aint to hot, to be fair.... if ya know any let me knows!
rhcp 4 life.
los fabulosos cadillacs

theyre older and have more of a latin and ska feel added

EDIT: They sing primarily, if not only, in Spanish. Just thought you'd like to know
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Check out Indigenous, they are a Native American family band - Texas blues, pretty similar to LLB, but different. If you are looking for straight guitar based blues, try Joe Bonamassa, or step out a little further (blues, indian raga, jazz) and check out Derek Trucks. Doyle Bramhall II is also well worth checking out, phenomenal guitarist, great voice, great song writer - he pretty much covers all the bases.

One of the best ways to find similar bands is to check out a bands influences - Ex - start with SRV - you get the 3 Kings (Freddie, Albert and B.B), Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Wes Montgomery, Jimi Vaughan, etc.

I don't know if you have seen it or not, but LLB did a Crossroads show on CMT with Ronnie Milsap (one of their big influences) - it shows just how versatile they really are as musicians.

Music is a journey, sit back and enjoy the ride!
yeah i agree with jd1066. joe bonamassa, derek trucks, and srv rule!
yeah i've been on the case, as i'm already the biggest SRV goin thats where i found LLB from. but bonamassa and doyle aint cuttin it 4 me 4 sum reason, unless i haven't got t he rite tracks....
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Doyle tends to be a bit more groove oriented, if you are looking for something more up beat try his newest album, Welcome. There are still some of the more soulfull slow songs, but his riffs are almost too damn good.

You might also want to check out Chris Duarte - he was put up there as the next SRV - something even he discounted. He's straight up Texas style boogie and blues - great guitar player, good singer.

If you want to step out a little further, but still be in the blues vein, try Gov't Mule. Warren Haynes is one of the best singer/songwriter/guitarist of today (in my humble opinion). There are several albums to choose from, I would suggest starting with Gov'y Mule (their 1st) or Dose (2nd). They also have several live albums out there.
yeah Chris Duarte i haven't got any of him yet, and i've also like a huge mule fan aswell. what it is i've got a big collection of music and i was looking 4 some more ppl that aren't aswell known as SRV and LLB
rhcp 4 life.
I don't really know who else to suggest, sorry. I have a pretty large collection also, but am always looking to add new bands to it. If you happen to find any thing new, please post it - I will do the same.