My nut is worn away at the low E string and I get a moderate amount of fret buzz. It's not a ton of fret buzz but it's enough to annoy me and yeah I've tried adjusting the action and truss rod and it's not doing anything. Is there anything I can do besides replacing my nut?
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Just replace the nut, it's not expensive or hard to do.
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you can slip a bit of paper under the string in the cut.

if you like how that worked, then you can sprinkle baking soda in the cut add a drop of whit glue, let it harden, then file the cut with a toothpick wrapped in fine sand paper. remember to file UP from the tuner side up to the fretboard like this... / or ull cause the same problem again.

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I would say shim the nut with a small piece of roughly .88mm pick, but by then you've already pried it up, so you might as well get a new nut.