no way, i've never really seen the point in pick gaurds, personally my pick never touchs my guitar, cept for the strings ofcourse but if you want to personalize it i would by a pick gaurd and paint it something wicked.
personally I wouldn't. I like the idea of a pick guard, because I do scratch up guitars when i get alil rough >: ). But I hate the idea of puting screws into the wood. I mean I think i would rather have surface scratches over screw holes. Also pickguards are more of a look for vintage, fender, and knock offs. I think most of the newer designs don't call for them. They look good on their own. that's my 2 1/2 cents. *I get to add more cents because i keep rambling on*
no, they're just ugly and your guitars rear routed anyway so it wouldn't offer any benifits in being able to work on the electronics either.

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A mirror pickguard would look snazzy on this one IMO.
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