are you pick tapping? Is that easier then regular tapping.
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depends on what u think is easier but it isnt really much different and sometimes is more comfortable at least to me
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Come on , its not that perfect
I need a loads of work on my bends

Thanks though if you are realy honest .
Im honored.
Hey thanks for your crit!!
Well i know this solo very well, and i dont care how do you play it as long as it sounds good so the tapping part instead of legato and stuff is not something to criticize to me.
Maybe you should clean up that little speed burst before the last bend cause it didnt sound right.
Now man, you have to do the whole song!
Thank dude .

And yeah , the BT might have been kind of slower but keep in mind that its a half step down.
(i play in Eb)
the one thing that sucked imo was the backing track and that wasnt even you so its all good. i liked your tone and everything was played well. you should try mr crowley thats one of RRs best solos i think or atleast its my fav. of his.

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It was great! This solo doesn't do your playing justice, its obvious that you can take on the much harder stuff excellent playing, tone was good but could be better.. But its your technique that counts and that was awesome

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Thanks to all of you
These comments are realy lifting.

Actualy its just that i have made many mistakes of recording solos and stuff after just learning them , and after a couple of months i end up removing them anyway.

I actualy did a crazy train solo cover over a half year ago and i didnt like it so it was removed. I prefer to film stuff that ha been on with me for a long time.

I also did Mr Crowley ages ago but i will do a new one pretty soon.

Yeah them bends is what i had problem with the whole time .
Still i wouldnt say that i do those bends much justice. I dont nail the vibrato right.

Quote by I_Am_Iron_Man
Very good, a bit quicker than the original but hell, who gives a damn right?

What?!?!?....what are yeh talking about...it was slower...did yeh even listen to it?