pretty self explanitory, what are the chords in minor keys? im writing a song now in the key of C major, but i want some minor chords in there 2 so i wanna see if instead making it in A minor would be any better. any help is appreciated.
Alright so I'm guessing you know the chords in C major right?

C major
D minor
E minor
F major
G major
A minor
B diminished
C major

Now, you're starting on the 6th degree of that or the 6 chord to get into a minor. So, stating on a minor you just cycle through the chords to look like this

a min
B dim
C maj
d min
e min
F maj
G maj
a min
well you can use the stranger chords like say d minor add 9 or elevenths and stuff like that, if you want the wierd and wonderful look at stuff in the name that chord thread, your question is kinda vauge.
Your ear is the final judge. C major and A minor scale are the same, including same chords.
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Chords in a natural minor key are

im7 - iim7b5 - bIIImaj7 - ivm7 - vm7 - bVImaj7 - bVII7

Note that often the v is replaced by a V (major instead of minor) to create a dominant chord which resolves to the i.
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