Hey guys, I need opinions on something. I can't seem to get a good pinch harmonic like the really virbrant ones, atm mine sound weak and I'm trying to improve it..

Ive tried different techniques for weeks now but i can't seem to get it out. I thought it could possibly be my gear, I'm using a Jackson JS30KV King V and a Line 6 Spider 2.

So, any suggestions?

the best suggestion ever.. use the ****ing search button.. and much treble might work for u.. yeah, try more treble
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Use alot of distortion and put it on the bridge pickup to start learning it, makes it alot easier to do. Try moving between the bridge and neck pickups to find the sweet spot and then just touch your thumb to the string just before you strike it with your pick.
try moving up and down the string over the pickups...usually u find a spot that really gets them squeals out
I had the same problem 'til the other day.

for gear, you need lots of gain, and a sturdy pick.

as for technique, that was my problem. i always read "pinch the string between your pick and your thumb" which made no sense to me. Basically, stick your thumb out further than usual on your pick, keep trying until you get the right place. You also need to hit the strin at certain node points along the sting. Keep picking up and down between the bridge and the fingerboard until you hit them. i found the best point above the neck pickup.

dunno if i've helped, but that's as much advice as i can give you.
basically have you pick so that when you go for the harmonic the side of your thumb hits the strings. then find out where the harmonics are using you right hand(between pickups) once you can find the harmonic hit the string and use you left hand to give off some vibrato once you got the pick/thumb technique you can play any harmonic once you find out where it is between your pickups
Hmmm ive turned the treble right up, but still cant get decent pinches, i can get them within the higher regions of the fretboard but not the lower frets. :/