Yaah. It's an instrumental. With an odd ending.

If you've listened to both versions tell me if you prefer the clean/distortion combo or both clean.

Updated, changed the lead in places and adjusted volume for midi.
I like waffles

Please crit my EP!
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it was okay.. but it seems like it was lacking (IMO) a more catchy melodi, and some "energi" (I know, its hard to do with midi.. but hopefull you know what I mean)

course atm, atleast for me it sounds kinda dull (the ****ty electric clean midi sound, helps that alot hehe)..
maybe make the drums more interresting.. write like a theme for it (right now it sounds a little like the solo guitar is just doodling around).. or add some more instruments to spice it up a little.

but then again this just my opinion.. good luck

EDIT, just listened to it with the RSE on.. its a little better there, so when/if you get it recorded im sure it will be much better heh
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Sounds like someone slowly losing his mind. I like it, I think it would sound great when recorded. Put lots of chorus and/or reverb on the first guitar when you do. Would make a great intermission somewhere in the middle of a cd. Don't know about the ending though, sounds a bit abrubt. 8/10
Updated. And yes I am going to record this, it's part of a class project and we are making a cd.
I like waffles

Please crit my EP!