I'm selling an acoustic electric cutaway guitar. It sounds good both acoustic and electric and everything works fine. It's only slightly used and there are only a couple small scratches, a couple on the headstock that are from leaning against the wall, and one on the body. There's a volume and tone adjuster on the top and the chord to the amp plugs in on the bottom. I'm asking $125 plus whatever shipping is. and I'm open for trades. Any questions PM me or post here. Want more pictures just ask. Enjoy.


Oh and one more thing, it's not a big name brand guitar, on the headstock it says Nikko, but if it looks good, sounds good, and works great then what does the brand matter?

Here's some pictures:

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Looked good, until i saw the 2nd big pic. I am not a big fan of Ovations, especially not the backs. And an Ovation knockoff just isnt too cool. Its hard to sit and play em, and they sound tinny and a bit plastic acousticly. But how thick are the sides? Ovations have almost no sides, which makes it slip alot.
Err i'll trade my beat up Ibanez GSA60 for it, or maybe my Crybaby From Hell if you throw in something else.
Not into the back like the guy said, i bought an ovation knockoff and its a toy so yeah, I know this guitar your selling isnt a knockoff but still