I'm waiting on a new guitar and pickups for it to arrive in a few days, but my next purchase will be a new wah pedal since mine broke about two years ago (so I'm a little overdue in the wah department :p ).

Back in those days I stuck purely to metal, but now I play more progressive rock/metal and clean styles also, so I was wondering what would be the best wah pedal in the $99-150 price range to try out and buy?
RMC Wizard Wah.
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A Vox Clyde McCoy wah is good. But by far the best and most versatile is the Mega-Wah. I think its pretty $$$, but use the search bar to find out more. The sound samples sound absolutely amazing. An Ibanez Weeping Demon is good, one of the big ones with the footswich on it.
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A tad outside the indicated price range, but I am a huge fan of my Crybaby From Hell. It's got a pretty big range, optional volume boost, and a pretty nice trebly bite (which, if I have my facts straight, is something you metalheads like).

You would be, Claudio uses one
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Ha, it's strictly coincidence, I swear.

Not saying I blame you!! I actually very nearly went for one, but decided on the 535Q instead, more versitality. I didn't think I was worthy of the same wah he uses
The last few weeks I've been reading a lot of reviews of wah pedals. It's $10 or $20 over your price range, but the Buddha Bud-Wah seems to have universally spectacular reviews.

I haven't had the chance to track one down and play it yet though.
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Ha, well there you go.

But seriously, the fact that Claudio played one had no sway over my choice whatsoever, in fact I was surprised to think I'd ever like anything Dimebag Darrell thought was good. I just tried all the wahs my local shop had.

The Ibanez Weeping Demon came in last.
I'm saving up for my Original Dunlop Crybaby. I tried it and it was truly amazing, but its all preference.
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I'm saving up for my Original Dunlop Crybaby. I tried it and it was truly amazing, but its all preference.

You might wanna try out more, the Crybaby is one of the worst in production right now.
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Can't go wrong with RMC. The Wizard Wahs probably the way to go for you. It's a little out of your price range but well well worth it. I just put my Picture wah on layaway
slash wah uses 18v. only if u want to waste two batteries, or another powersupply strictly for 18v.

an original crybaby is a bad idea if u can't mod. but if u can, i'll give u some tips.
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Morely Power Wah
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At the end of the day I think this thread shows its a matter of personal preference. My best advice is to get down to a local show, preferably with your own guitar, and try out as many wah's as you can get you... feet on. See what works for you and your sound.