Even though they are made in america I find them very hard to come by. So anybody know?
Last time I went to guitar center they only had one and it was a super vintage one so it was super expensive. With ebay I'd preffer to play it first. If I can't find a Rick then I think i might just get an RKS Wave, or epiphone casino instead.
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Any large shop. Try Guitar Center?

Guitar Center doesnt carry them, Try SamAsh.

And they're not cheap.
Sam Ash is a Ric dealer, but there is a huge production backlog, so you won't find many shops that will have Rickenbackers in stock. Go to Rickenbacker's website and check for dealers in your area. You can call them and see what they have in stock. Also, sites like www.pickofthericks.com, www.ricpage.com, www.themusiczoo.com, and www.davesguitar.com all usually have some in stock. They are all knowledgable and very helpful when it comes to Rickenbacker gear.
Craigslist...ive found a few on there and i coulda sworn i saw a non vintage for about 900 at sam ash...really bad shape though...