I currently own the gear as seen in my sig, and went to try out the following guitar today http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product.asp?ID=2869&ParentID=430
but unfortunately it was through a Marshal amp.
I was very impressed with the Gibson, but has anyone out there played it through a Mesa Boogie Duel Rectifier, and if so, could you please make any comments as to how you like/dislike the sound.
Thanks in advance all you lovely people out there.
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may result in a very dark tone with the warm mahogany and the big bass end on the mesa
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ittl sound soooo goood....ooohh boy lol.
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Id say find a dealer that sells both mesa and gibson and try it for yourself....... Or, the average gibson is fairly expensive. For the amount of money your probably going to spend on the guitar, I doubt the guitar store will have a prob with you bringing your head with you to play the guitar. Little bit of hassle, but most places wont mind if they are making a big sale out of it.

I have a triple recto....and although I dont play a less paul through it.....I have a few mahogany bodied, neck thru guitars with rosewood and ebony fretboards and good humbuckers! One with custom scheter pups(very nice), another with real duncan JB and 59's. The duncan combo through the mesa is especially good to my ears! It makes for a VERY powerful, high energy sound if you want it to(id expect a les paul to have a similar quality depending on the pickups).... You can also get very tasteful/toneful sounds with proper tweaking of the heads controls.

Id imagine a les paul to sound great just as I think my stuff does....but Id play before you pay.
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