My band was in a battle of the bands last night, and we played really good, so there's a voting process to declare the winner. So far my band PEROXYDE (spelt in french) is in 3rd out of 13. do you guys mind voting for us? There's a big pay off to the winners. But you have to register which is free and fast, and they don't send you emails or anything.

P.S. if anyone else has a competition in which they need votes, post the links here.
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You don't leave a link, lol.

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I'll do it man.

EDIT : I'm from England, could you give me a ZIP code and that for somewhere in the U.S?
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37804 is a zip code here in Tennessee you can use.


Also I am glad that this thread started seeing as I have a similar competition in two weeks and this can help me out a lot.
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^ Yeah, I'm thinking that we can get this stickied and just everyone post competitions in which they need votes and we can help eachother out