Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum so apologies if this has been answered before....I have searched and there are great beginner threads but I cant find much on strumming. I have been playing(on and off) for 2 years but I'm still limited as my strumming is awful!

I know loads of chords, few scales, solos etc... Is there any advice that any of you pros could give? I would greatly appreciate it. I'm a major Springsteen fan but even listening to the songs I find it hard to determine the patterns. Any help/advice woulds be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


Make sure u can hold on to ur pick. Start with very basic stuff, a slow up, down, up pattern to a metronome. And just practice alot. Eventually, itll come as a second nature, as so much on guitar does.
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well i have never listened to bruce springsteen but the main idea is to play along with the song and try to make your own way of strumming or i like to do it by picking the bass string than the rest of strings with the available finger(this without a pick) hope i help a bit
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll keep plugging away and see how it goes...
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I would recommend powertabs. It's pretty much as good as gp and it is free. You can actually download it from UG. Go into any powertab and in the download tab page you will see a link.

As for the strumming, practice practice practice! Try various songs with different types of strum patterns. I recommend wonderwall by oasis. It's a good popular tune to get started on. Also practice a bit yourself. Make up your own patterns. Once you have got something you like, practice it until you can really play it well. Without mistakes and without thinking about it. The metronome is also a must have for every guitarist. An example of how to use it properly would be:

Find an easy strum pattern like: 4 eight notes followed by two quarter notes. That is 4 beats in a bar. An easy 4/4. Then you will hav 1 clicks of the metronome per quarter note, 4 per bar. This said:

2 eight notes=1 quarter note. Sooo with this in mind. In the strum pattern we have it's 1 click for 2 eight notes. So you would strum: 2 eight notes(click)2 eight notes(click)quarter note(click)quarter note(click). So the eight notes are faster than quarter notes. Or better still, they are half the quarter notes value.

Right, so now you can play that at sixty? Time to notch it up. Put it a 64. Practice it like that for a good while. Everytime you can play it smoothly without mistakes push it up again. Do this with all kind of rhythms, adding rests as you get better: Then add some random chords and practice the changes back at sixty again and repeat the process. Then add some mutes. Then add some barre chords and so on. Soon you will be able to dissect all kinds of strumming patterns!

Don't forget, it takes time, for my first year of playing I SUCKED at this. Really, I was a heap of **** at strum progressions, I couldn't get a steady rhythm going, I couldn't change chords, I was always out of time. Don't let yourself get discouraged because you can't get it at first. I all comes with time.

From a thread in the acoustic forum. If you have any further questions, come there and I'll see if I can answer.
Great post. Thanks again. I just wish I had joined this forum earlier. Time for more practice....
i didnt see it mentioned yet, but a metronome is a great device to have.

it's cheap and an effective way to work on ur timing. you can even use an online metronome. like this one...

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Anyone have an addy for Powertab? Seems to be a few different sites when googled. Cheers.