Currently i play a PRS Tremonti SE but i wanted to take a step up from that, i'm really into my metal and am looking for a guitar in price range of £600-£800. i was looking at Jacksons and ESP so i would be cool if you gusy could help me out a bit.
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If u like the Tremonti's single-cut away body style, then u could get an ESP Eclipse series with EMG 81/85 set. Maybe an ESP Ex-600, an Explorer-style also with an 81/85 set. A Rhodes RR5 pro would be awesome. the white ones with black pinstripes and gold hardware are just awesome. A Dinky with an Eerie-dess swirl looks amazing as well, whith a p/u change it would work rly well. A Gibson Faded SG would be amazing, especially for metal. Its still a quality Gibson, but for only $580 american (idk about in GBP tho).
First of all, do you like Atreyu, Deftones, Children of Bodom, George Lynch, Megadeth, Metallica, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy, or Static X (if you like more than one, say which one is your favorite)
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Then Look into the Alexi Laiho signature model. You can get the Black/Yellow or White/Black one for $1050 US dollars. I dunno how much that is in pounds, but it is pretty sweet
that'd be about £525-ish plus shipping which would be alot. it cost about £900 in england which is ghey i was thinking about maybe getting a Jackson RR5 or a ESP V-500
yeah Jacksons are good, a friend of mine just bought a Jackson SLSMG and its immense, really light, good tone, really hard to describe hwo good it is xD i would buy one if he didnt have one
I know what you mean. A friend of mine has an ESP Viper 400, and when he let me play it, I was like "This is the best guitar I've ever played." Now I'm saving up to get an ESP EC-1000
My friend has an ESP KH-20 Lefty and it's the nicest guitar I've ever played. It's so smooth and fast to play, and it was cheap too, only $520, which is somewhere around 260 pounds, I think. If you're looking for the RR shape, I'd go with the ESP Alexi-600, or maybe the GL-600V, which is pretty sweet looking too. Not your average V shape, but still sick. It's got a Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demon at the bridge and a Phat Cat at the neck. If the those are a bit out of your price range, you could look at the V-200. Not the RR shape, but it's still a V and still has EMG's. If you like the single cutaway shape, definetly check out the EC series. I don't have much experience with Jackson, but they seem good. My advice would be to go to your local guitar shop and try out both brands, see which one feels better.