hey guys, i recently wanted to learn the Megadeth Mechanix Solo. since the solo for this song is much faster then the four horsemen which one do u think sounds better to play. cause i looked up the tempo for the song at the shred part its at 247, this will be the first time i have played something this fast.
it's not that hard. It was before Mustaine in his prime. just pentatonic scale up and down really fast
yeah he makes some big stretches though from the 19-12, well i bet a lot of people can pull it off but to me its a big massive stretch. i shall go for it though!
really i only got 22, cause the last bends are on the 24th, u think its possible to bend the 22 to sound like the 24. Don't know if this is possible.
IMO The four horseman is the much better solo, and i usually like Megadeth much better than Metallica.
If you want some tough leads by Megadeth try out Lucretia or Tornado of Souls.

Edit: just bend the 22nd fret up one fret extra than the 24th is bent.
nah cause i just wanted to learn to shred a little, i know how to shred by improvising but i have never used it by a song. and those other megadeth songs are hard! to hard for me right now
there's a riff that goes

24-22-19-19-19-24-22-19-19-19- 24-22-19-24-22-19-24-22-19-24-22-19-24b26