nope, u seen the individual power for each pedal, unless u get a thing that connects to all the pedals through one mains adapter
The Daisy chain is only good if they all have the same sized 9 volt inputs.

I only have 3 pedals and they're all Boss pedals, and the daisy chain works great for me.
As long as all of the pedals need the same voltage power supply, you can daisy chain them on one adapter of that voltage and that's designed for daisy chaining. Don't just take one of the adapters and use some kind of splitter to plug them all in. You'll overload it, fry it, and possibly start a fire.
yea, unless there was a way to put 9v size adapters on the cain, it wont work. Using a big surge protecter strip is the only way to do anything like that, and ud have to buy adapters or a Onespot for ur pedals.