I think i might have broken the truss rod in my neck, but I'm pretty sure i didn't. It was the first time turning the truss rod on this particular guitar are i just loosened it like 1/4 of a turn, but there was some resistance. I turned it and it moved really quick and made a subtle pop sound. Do you think i broke it? If not I think its tight and has resistance, what should I do about that?
Might just've slipped. There's nothing you can do if it has snapped asides from getting a new neck. Just subtly try to adjust the neck some more if you need to.
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If you can still play the guitar you probably didn't break it. They just pop like that sometimes. I wouldn't turn it more than 1/8 at a time. Turn, wait a few hours, then turn again as necessary. If it gets to tight to turn reasonably stop.