Yup, trying to overcome 3 years of playing with incorrect form.

I am doing chromatic scales but I can't do em longer than 5 minutes slowly. With proer technique (thumb at the middle of the neck, with fingers going perfectly perpendicular, as possed to thumb on top of the neck with fingers going every wich way)

Is there any way to train my fingers faster? Like rasing action or something?

Also, when do I know when to stop and get to actual theory?
------------------------------------------- x 2 ------------------4----7----4------------ x1
------------------4----7----4------------ --------4---7---------------------7----4-
--------4---7---------------------7----4- --5--------------------------------------
---5-------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
i find that playing boring chromatics, minor scales and major scales help
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Unfortunately Fast_Bear there really isn't a way to do it any faster, its something that just becomes natural with time. Don't only practice chromatic scales though, do everything, Major, minor, etc... you should concentrate on that form with everything you play. You'll get it soon enough.
Whell I mean, like I am playing the guitar part to Message in a Bottle by the police on my bass to help streach out my fingers as a warmup. Trying to play 2 parts at once in that form to build muscle strength and get my hand locked in that form. Any other way to make it harder on myself?