I'm thinking of getting a Epiphone valve junior for a nice tube sound and a boss EQ pedal to control treble,bass,etc. I have a boss Heavy Metal pedal and blues driver pedal
with my jay turser strat.
hmm...idk try it out. it probably wont get super heavy. but idk i havent had the option of playing one

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Well i've never played a valve jr, but people say they are more vintage voiced. That doesn't mean that with the right eq and metal distortion pedal you can't get metal tones though. And with a cab it might get closer to metal tones.
No. You'll need to push it hard with an OD pedal to get it to do metal well, a metal distortion will sound metally, but not good. You'd get the same results running the metal pedal through an SS amp. They take away all of the tube niceness/dynamics
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