Would Stand By Me be considered a love song? If so it has a pretty nice bassline.
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311's cover of lovesong.

But, if you sing like you're constantly getting touched in the side by a cold piece of metal, do the Cure version.
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311 butchered their cover of Love Song.

Regardless, if you're doing this because you want to play it for a girl or something, ( as I have learned from first hand experience) she probably won't be too impressed with just the bass line. Unless she, herself, plays bass
its not for a girl, its for music class, it either has to be a celebration song or love song
Well if its just for music class go with lovesong by the cure
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Dude why love songs?

cause it has to be either that or a celebration one, and celebration ones sound too happy and cheesy for me
thanks, but ive already decided on I Want You Back by the Jackson 5 =]
thanks anyway