what u think....i play rock....linkin park, GnR, ac/dc, the who, queen, and others....i am getting a new amp soon too (probably a vox valvetronix AD15VT) so no need to note opinions on an amp...unless i can get a better one for about the same price
I'd go for the Epiphone, you're guaranteed a decent guitar with them.
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Super Swedes are rly cool. I like em. very retro tailpiece. I like the Michael Kelley tho. Simply because you get a rly nice Maple top, diresctly mounted humbuckers and a coil tap for a rly nice price. even tho the finishes do seem to be only decent. I rly like the Cherry Sunburst, the others look bad IMO. The Super Swede is rly nice looking. Also has a coil tap, but is more expensive. If u buy a black Les Paul, a coil tap and a pickup swap would cost as much as a super swede or less. IMO, get a blue Les Paul Standard. Looks awesome.