yes, self explanatory, but so far im looking at various schecters, so if anyone has had any experience with their 7's please share, and also the LTD viper 407
any other recommendations would be nice, i want something good for various metal, with preferably fixed bridge

also, as il probably order off http://www.thomann.de if people can certify this as a good site id be pleased
I strongly recommend getting the Ibanez RG1527. It has an extremely fast neck and is the best low budget 7 string available right now. The only thing is be prepared to get the pickups replaced because they suck.
not an ibanez fan, and id rather not have a floating bridge,
oh and my budget goes to about £500, maybe a bit more
If you aren't happy with your Spider II, then you should definitely look at a new amp first.
You probably want to be looking at the Schecter 7-string guitars, but you should definitely invest in a better amp before you spend that much on a new guitar.
thankfully my brother has a large budget to be soon spending on a decent amp sometime pretty soon, so i am pretty much free to look at new guitars as i will probably be using whatever he gets...(thanks for the amp advice but il ignore it :P)
ok im currently looking at the schecters, but im actually being put off by the fact they dont seem that expensive....it could just be the particular retailer because on specs they seem pretty good
Well the Schecter Hellraiser C-7 is $700, if that makes you feel any better.

I've never heard anyone complain about quality control with Schecter guitars, but people tend love-hate the way they feel. Make sure you get a chance to play one first before you buy.