I've been reading graphic novels for a while now and seem to find Daniel Clowes' comics to be the best because of the way his perverted ideas seem to relate to everyone no matter how much they'll deny it


I heard that 'Jimmy Corrigan' and 'Blankets' were some of the best graphic novels also and was wondering if anyone read them and what they though of them (suggest better ones if possible).

all done
Preacher and Maus are some of the greats. Preacher is an epic comic series that spans nine novels and Maus I and II are just legendary and ca usually be found as one book.
<Dobzilla> because "when you were born, they thought yo' momma shit herself."
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TriGun. Never heard of that. Is it japanese or something?

I tend to like biographical novels cus it's like watching a movie in your head when reading a graphic novel.

^Yeah. My friend told me about Maus. Said it was about the holocaust and stuff.
The problem is it's pretty expensive buying graphic novels in England and without a job I have to wait till I get cash off my parents.
Anyone read Blankets though?

or is it too soppy for you tough UG'ers.
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