not too bad. one awesome song, and ur version is good. I cant sing worth crap, so ur singing is good. but not as good as the original. its slower than the normal song is, but thats the way it is for most acoustic songs. i hope u used ur Robelli, even tho my friend has a blue Squier acoustic, and it isnt entirely horrible. man, i need to start doing recording.
Wow, just had to click this, I remember this tune from Tony Haws 2! Ace song.

The timing doesn't sound quite right in the intro, but afterwards seems like a decent cover. Wouldn't have thought it'd sound this good acoustically, but the vocals and guitar sit nicely together, though I think the guitar could be a bit louder, or the vocals lower. Just a thought.

Looking down your covers you've got a nice and varied selection of songs. Might have to listen if I get the time, but it's a bit late.

Once again, I liked