Thinking about getting a new guitar, but before I start looking at prices, I wanted to know if it's pretty much a standard to change out the stock pickups if you want a good tone, or does it depend on the guitar? thanks for the help.
mostly doesn't matter at first
depends what you play

i bought a les paul and changed the burstbucker pro after a couple of years for a bare knuckle miracle man because it had a better distortion and was higher output
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peavey special 2x12

I'm not really familiar with that amp, but I do know that if you are really unsatisfied with your tone you'd probably be better off looking at a tube amp rather than messing with your pickups. The difference will be much more substantial with a new amp.
If u have a good amp, then u can change the pickups if u dont like the tone. otherwise, u just buy another amp.