c4c. Title suggestions would be epic.

One of those mornings
Winter wakes from my dreams
I guess sun's still asleep

It hides somewhere out there
Past the whiteness, muted and clean
They say its to the east, on the ocean
Some nation that's foreign to me

I slap at familiar emptiness beside me
Steel springs respond, a voice that I know
Red lights flash at me,
Time from an hour before

The burnt wood in the basement
Pulls out consciousness as I breathe
Look out a window to the Catskills
The blue mount of Van Winkles' dreams

Days come back from where they left
Like a child's fairy tale grown old
Shoulder the wind towards my car
Raised skin protests the cold

I stare at a crackled mosaic,
Running across the looking glass
I stopped and saw beauty
Each unequaled, but which is the best?
Turn off the heat and recline
I need the rest

Cheers folks
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I like it a lot. Everything seemed to flow nicely and I just love the way its written. I'm not sure about the title. The piece gives off a sleep/dream like vibe so maybe something along those lines. Great piece. Keep up the nice work.