Kinda old, but I like it.
No vocals, anyone wanna fix that? Haha.
It's a little rocked up, complete with a solo section.

A bad solo section

C for C

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I really disliked this. The clean guitar doesnt blend with the distorted at all. Your playing is good, and the idea was original, even though it wasnt executed that well. Maybe its just not my type of music, but thanks for sharing! lol

edit: Im listening to "Searching for a Name". Did you write this? If so, great ****ing job. I like it
Ah get born, keep warm
Short pants, romance, learn to dance
Get dressed, get blessed
Try to be a success
Thanks for the honesty.

edit: Haha, yeah, I did write that one. It's a newer recording. Imagine is pretty old, to tell the truth.
Hey. The playing is quite good, but I don't think the distortion goes with the clean very well. Good idea, and the playing is fine, just the distorted guitar ruins the mellow-ness. Maybe if you made it clean with the same notes over the top, it would work better. Good try though! . The solo is pretty good.

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Hi! Crit 4 crit?
I liked your approach to the song, its nice to hear somebody rock up a melancholic ballad like this.. But i think you could do with a little less distortion, it didnt really blend with the clean rhythm guitar.. Some muffled low-gain overdrive would sound better. I still liked it though
Keep up the good work!

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im a huge lennon fan.. and i thought this was pretty ok.

the whole thing would sound better if you were a bit slower, the clean guitar needs to be smoother (transitions between chords) and the lead would be better if you were playing the melody from his vocals, not just notes that fit the chord and random solo play when you break it down.. though i did like that descending run you pulled out

i did like the tone you were getting with the lead