Hello there friendly UG'ers

Im looking to buy a Squier-made standard strat with a maple neck, alder body and a white finish.

Problem is, they dont usually come in white, alder and maple

if i wanted a white standard strat then i could only get it made from agathis and with a rosewood neck, straight from stock.

SO how much would it cost me to get the strat with those "customizations"?

Keep in mind that i dont have pockets full of gold

Im planning to whip on some DiMarzios on it along the line
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why not go for the fender white strats? squier is not exactly known for quality instruments. dont waste Dimarzio pick ups on a squire.

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with the cost of a squier customized, you're better off getting a fender.
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standard strats are pretty good.

i'd still put dimarzio's in it eventually, but the stocks are pretty good.

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+1 to the buying a fender idea...
or you could buy the arctic white/agathis/rosewood squier, and buy a neck with a maple fretboard, or you could buy a blue/red/whatever other colour squier strat with an alder body and maple fretboard, then refinish it to arctic white.
One of the last two if you don't have enough money for the fender and feel comfortable enough taking apart your new toy...

or you could get the deluxe squier strat... pearl white finish, maple neck, but basswood body...
Haha yeah, not that i dont agree with the buy a fender idea, the thing is that i live in australia...

guitars here = OVERPRICED

a normal squier standard would cost about 500 AU dollars..

where a fender would take me back about 2 grand at least.

and 2 grand AU is around like 1600 US =(

I think my only option for a fender would be to order it online and get it shipped here...



But anyhoo, thanks guys. Much appreciated ^_^