It has a very European sound to it. That verses in Some of These Times sounds like a techno song. I can't say that I like it, but it's not the worst I've heard.

To each his own.
I've been into these dudes for years! Not really a favorite of mine, but they have always been a very solid, very heavy hardcore band and show no signs of stopping. Props to them.
heard a few tracks a couple of years back and really liked them, had a sort of industrial feel to it which was good. never checked them out properly but its a name ive remembered as one to get into.
just got into listening to these guys. A buddy of mine who passed away a year ago was into them so i just decided to check em out for a bit of remembrance i guess.

I was never much into hardcore or punk or whatever.. but i'm enjoying the album i got. i remember seeing these guys a looong time ago. they came to my cruddy hometown of thunder bay ontario and they played this shitty club in old downtown. but they destroyed. so much energy its insane.

anyway. good stuff
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Something about not having showers in the venues they were playing.

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i need the raised fist republic guitar tab!can anyone help me?

or at least tell me what drop they r using?the guitarist?

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very energetic swedish hardcore, voice sounds very similar to somebody else, but can't put a name on it


holay fahck
had no idea
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