http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcLTjRdUGGI&mode=related&search= the lead guitar here (again, ignore the music, focus on the guitar itself)
(yet again, i have no relation with this band, just curious as to what the lead guitar is playing)
(lead guiar being the one w/o blonde hair)

(parenthesis are fun )
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It's an Ibanez artcore. I'm not sure on the exact model number, but it should be real easy to find out.
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Good lord, that was horrible.

Looks like a semi hollowbody ibanez, but you've already been told that
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It is a hollowbody Ibanez. I couldn't watch more than 3 seconds than thinking why the **** do people watch this. So I refuse to watch it anymore and tell you what model.
Ok, so I muted it.

It's an artcore, looks like a current issue AM73 to me. Could be an AS73, but the AS would be bigger.

Oh, and no matter what ya'll say, those chappies don't look any gayer than Motley Crue at their peak.
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