I'm looking for an amp that's as versatile as my taylor t5... VOX? Marshall? Fender? Crate?.. i really don't know.. i play in a church band and mess around with my friends at small gigs and on the weekends... i want a good amp with clean tones that can also go heavy too...
$500 is kind of a hard budget.

crate palomino v32
peavey classic 30

all i could think of right now. out of the two, i believe the crate has more gain, but keep in mind i haven't been able to try a classic 30 yet.

i suggest you keep saving. with that kind of guitar, it should be played on a nice amp. and if you could afford the t5, it shouldn't be too hard to save up ~$1000 for a huge selection of new & used amps.
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Classic 30 rocks.
If you can find it used, you can easily get a classic 50 for 500.
I have one, it's versatile and just all around great. The peavey delta blues is pretty good too.
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