How can I get the sound that Queen has at 00:50 - 01:17 in this video or the sound from that part but on the album version?

what kind of effect would i need to buy to get that sound out of a les paul?
and is it possible with a micro cube and les paul, what settings would i use?
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May has a very distinctive tone. Alot of it is gained from playing through a cranked Vox AC30 amp. A tone which is very hard to replicate to a decent level without cranking a valve amp.

There's alot of pages about May's setup and such. You can't go wrong with a crunchy tone, quite mid based, with a nice wedge of gain and perhaps even playing with a coin, just like he did.

There will be alot of May enthusiasts who will help you dial it in alot more accurately than I can though.
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queen is so great. seriously...

i love brian may's tone. seriously...

u can get it with a tube amp (preferrable AC30), and cranked with a treble booster. i have one, and it sounds awesome through my Marshall DSL401's clean channel's gain cranked.

EDIT: it sounds like a phaser is in there too on that clip.
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Gotta love Brian May. Like other's have said, he plays with an AC 30. Of course, a lot of the tone does come from him playing his Red Special.

My AC Booster overdrive was modeled to sound like an AC 30, so something like that might work if you can't get an actual Vox.
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Cranked AC30 with maybe a tubescreamer inline so that it doesn't have to be quite so loud. If that is way out of your budge an AC15 might work as well.
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Cranked tube amp, Laney VC30 is a good way to get there ix you can't afford a Vox. Shedloads of midrange and a bit of phaser - May doesn't often play without one.
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