I do a little web programming and have made a few sites. I might make a site for my aunt's sewing business sometime in the future. Right now I've only used Angelfire because its free, but if I make her website I'd have to use one you pay for to get more space and a domain name. Could anyone recommend a good reliable web host that isn't to expensive?
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godaddy, im completely serious, they have pretty good rates, ive used them before.
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i used Geocities for free one's. Not sure if it's good though.
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Try Awardspace for free service until you get some traffic then I would maybe consider paying for a host...takes a long time to get traffic...no sense wasting money.

Once you have traffic just redirect to new site.

My awardspace website with subdomain name...its not finished yet

Awardspace has no pop ups

Not sure if they allow ebay or paypal links/buttons on their sites...some free hosts dont allow them.


Also if your website needs a forum there are some nice free forums out there.

Heres my hockey forum

Invisionfree forums


You could also try Vstore...

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