What do you think is the absolute easiest song to play on the guitar. I want to do something that my student will semi-know. I was thinking Smoke on the water. But besides that/after that what else is there?

Right now we are just doing stuff from the Alfred book and chords.

I am not that talented either and only in 8th grade (Yeah, I know) but I just put a sign up and got a call and he signed up.
That sounds about right.

I learned the main riff to that song and the riff to Seven Nation Army (White Stripes), when I started playing guitar.
Okay, I am a bit overwhelmed. I my self just learned how to read tabs and stuff about 6 months ago. Before that I found a guitar in the garbage and i just started playing with it. Last Christmas though my mom got me a new guitar and a chord book, before that i knew a few chords and played it by ear.

So i don't really know how to start it off, I am sure once the kid gets better it will get easier its just that i never had a teacher my self and I am sure the way i play isn't 'traditional'
Do you know any theory? How chords are constructed? Can you read music? If you don't know theory you really shouldn't be teaching. I think you may be a little in over your head here.
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Yeah, I'll second JJK. You shoulden't be teaching unless you have a certain base level of experience. At least be up front with your 'student' about your skill level before you start. You may end up passing on whatever bad habits you develop and could potentially screw up his style.

If you really want to teach take some lessons yourself and make sure you understand theory. That aside, let him know that rather then teaching, you'll really be learning along with him. Otherwise, like JJK said, you'll be in over your head.

Chords, scales, basic stuff should come first. Chromatic scale, basic open chords (G,D,C,Am,E) and a few songs that use them (check out CCR, Bob Segar, maybe a little Bob Dylan).

Good luck to you both
Ouch. I think it's good you're trying to teach a kid guitar but to be honest, it sounds like you have a lot to learn yourself. Are you charging him? If so I'd say stop, now! If it's a free sort of thing it's a little different. What kind of music is he into? It's a lot more fun to learn a song YOU like than a song "forced" on you.
I already met with my student twice before and his mom came over the first lesson and she was impressed. I think I made my self sound worse than i am. I wasnt going to charge him innitially but when his mom came over she said she would give me 10 dollars for every 3 lessons.

He already knows

Do you know any theory? yesHow chords are constructed?yes Can you read music?yes If you don't know theory you really shouldn't be teaching. I think you may be a little in over your head heremaybe
You may feel you have a grip on theory, and mom may be impressed, but mom don't know guitar.

I don't want to be caustic or rude, but it sounds like you have less then 2 years of experience, no 'gig' or concert experience, and really only a base understanding of theory. As a teacher, and no offense, but you rate pretty low (it doesn't help that you're only in 8th grade. Frankly, it's not possible that you have the expertise required to be a solid teacher). Just be up front with both mom and student. There are a lot of things involved in learning guitar (technique, composing, improvising, and more advanced stuff) that you simply won't have a bearing on, and all of those are things an experienced teacher can offer. If you feel up to it, sure, teach him some chords and scales, just don't advertise yourself as somthing you aren't, for your sake and for the sake of your student.
I actually did play guitar in the high school jazz band this summer. We had two or three gigs. I beat out 3 people, two of who were seniors in high school so i consider my self a little good. If i get my freaking usb port to work i will show you something i made my self.

And when did i advertise my self as something i am not. I literally wrote "Free Guitar Lessons, beginners only." then i wrote something on the bottom that i am not an expert but will be at least be able to teach you the chords and scales. Or at least something along those lines.

I also wrote my age and everything. So its not like they should be expecting an expert.
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Fair enough, but 2 or 3 concerts don't a teacher make.

It sounds like you're getting upset, like I said I don't want to be rude or start any flames here. I'm only stressing those points because the formitive period is the most important in a developing guitarist. It's when you build your base technique, your practice schedule, and when pretty much all of your core talent starts to take shape. It's important to learn the right way the first time so you aren't going back and correcting bad habits later (which, I can say from personal experience, is a total pain. lol)

I obviously misunderstood, and it seems like you were clear about where you are and what you can offer. As I said before, good luck to both of you, and I hope you both find this to be a rewarding and enriching experience.

I'll look foreward to seeing a vid if you do get your USB happening
Yeh, I'd personally say that teachers should have a minimum of 5-10 years professional experience. Teaching a buddy how to play a few chords and get someone started is cool though. I do that all the time.

I took a guitar class in high school last year and the wrong music teacher got the class. He barely could form chords, so I wound up teaching students a lot of basic chords and a few people learned the first position of the minor pentatonic scale, but I certainly won't claim to be a teacher of any sort.

Anyhow, kudos for trying to help a few kids get started on the guitar.

PS: Take lessons yourself, you'll love yourself for it.

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I'm starting to teach beginning guitar and although I haven't been playing long, I know lots of theory and basically every chord structure and form there is. I take lessons and my teacher, who is amazing, said I'll be good for beginners. I'm not bragging, but I do know my stuff.
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In light of the poster thing and the fact that you initially advertised yourself as offering free lessons .. it's not so bad. Teaching him chords, songs, and basic music theory is GREAT. The only thing that worries me is the fact you probably don't have enough experience to recognize and correct bad technique. Not only can this potentially stunt his growth as a guitar player, but it can do real physical harm to his body. I'd weigh in on that if I were you ... or tell the mom that you will only give him a couple months of lessons before recommending that he moves on to a professional teacher.
if you're looking for songs. iron man everyone knows that song.
On my part I strongly encourage you to help with beginners. However get lessons for yourself to ensure you're progressing at least as fast as your student does and just as importantly, to ensure you're teaching him the right thing.

To be a teacher is to take on a huge responsibility. None of us can judge you, you've to be realistic and honest with yourself, and to know the limits of your own teaching. If the student outgrows you, don't be ashamed to let him/her move on! If unsure of anything, tell him honestly that you'd help him find out, rather than give a bad answer.

Be very wary that as a teacher for absolute beginners, you're having the most impact on him, be it good or bad. I believe in teaching right from the early stages of your own development, for the experience and to strengthen your own learning. Just ensure that you're doing your students justice. =)

Cheers and good luck.
vertigo u2?
depends what direction he wants to go in
does he want to be like slash? or like tommy emmanuel?
Or maybe dave grohl.. thats how you cater
Ode To Joy - Beethoven.

Is easy and a good way to start knowing where the natural notes is layed on the fretboard.
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i think what he want is encouraging some kid in town to play guitar and guiding,helping them to learn how to play guitar.
which a guitarish must do i think... sharing your knowledge tho its just a bit sharing is still a good thing to do i guess.
smells like teen spirit, just teach what you know how to do and dont listen to these floozies
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ya smells like teen spirit is pretty easy and its fun to play. And the kid will love being able to play the solo
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