Agile AD-2000 Black - - - - - For Sale

This Agile is in VERY good shape. Not new but very VERY close. No Fret wear. There is a tiny ding on the back of the guitar. I couldn't get a good pic of it. It's a little bigger than a BB and VERY shallow. The paint is still perfect there and everywhere else.

This guitar fits great in a Strat case. I have 3 and it fits in all of 'em.

I played it for about a month, then I bought an Agile AL-3000 Rootbeer. I like it better so this one has got to go.

Here is the Rondo Link for all the technical specs.

Agile AD-2000

Rondo's Price for a new one is $249 plus $16 shipping. $265 Total.

MY price is $200 with FREE shipping. I will accept MONEY ORDERS, preferably from the US Post Office.

Any questions or comments post them in this thread or send me a message within this website(UG).

Feel free to make an offer.

Now the pics.

A few more pics in link form.


Back of the Body


Back of Head Stock

This thing is suffocating in the box. It needs fresh air and a new owner. Somebody buy cool guitar!!!

if you accepted trades, i might consider trading.
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if i had the 200, i would buy it from you...i love the finish on that guitar.
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Sorry, no trades. I need money. Then again who doesn't.


Thanks. I agree, the finish is really nice.
vanzant, this is hugh from '51 forum. I was looking hard at this thing but found a killer deal on a thinline body.. sorry about that. I can only afford one project at a time. (oh and a free bump for you)
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Quote by Death-Speak
Trade for a Dell 2000FP 20" LCD?

Cool Monitor. I actually have a Dell 19" and I LOVE it. I've had it for almost 2 years.

I really need cash for ANOTHER guitar purchase, so no trades.

Thanks for your interest!
I'm going to try and sell it then, hopefully this will still be up for grabs. Thanks for the reply.
Coool. Well just let me know if/when you want it or if you have any questions.

Thanks Again!