pretty good! not one of my favorite 'deth songs, but you did a good job.
Ha, kickass bends in the chorus, man.
Nice job on the solo, too. Holy crap, that made my day. Even without vocals, that was highly enjoyable. Great cover, dude. That rocked.
Dude kick ass cover

Valvekings rock \m/ , i have one too.

I hope THIS proves to everyone that the valveking CAN do metal.

Rock on dude .
Thanks for doing the crit on my cover of Bark At The Moon dude!

I have to say that i dont know the original, so i wont compare anything
Great riffs in there, good choice for a cover!
The unison bends were pretty good as they said before, nice playing on the solo, overall your playing is pretty good but sounds a little boring without vocals or something to follow in the song, maybe if you try to do the vocals with the guitar itll help, other than that, great playing, nice cover man