three times since may?

thats like once every month and a half... id say thats as durable as it gets... they arent that expensive...
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GHS zakk wylde 10-60s. they lasted the longest out of all my other electric guitar strings.(2.5 months)
I use D'addarios for electric guitar, Musicyo for acoustic, and Ernie Ball for bass.
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It seems as though my strings need to be changed about every three or four weeks. I've yet to find any strings that can make it past that for me. If it helps any, I use GHS Boomers 10-46s. Those usually keep their tone for a good while.
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My D'Addario 10-46 last me about 4 months without rusting. They're a bit stiffer than other brands maybe, but they sound better (to my ears) and last longer without being expensive at all.
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If you aren't gigging, then a pair of DR's should last you a year easy.....when I'm not getting paid to play, I don't change strings until they break or rust insanely, and seriously, a set of DR's will last me almost a year.

Of course, if you play all the time and/or get paid for playing, you should change them more often so they sound good. Still, about every two months is a good amount of time.

And, I prefer DR tite fits or DR black beauties. Currently, I am using Curt Mangan strings. Why? Local store has them cheap ($5 a set? DR's are $2 more, black beauties are $5 more) and they play well, and last about 2 months easy, 6 months if I'm not gigging.
I haven't changed my strings since June and I can feel no rust on them.

I think they're ernie ball regular slinkies.
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I've been bending the hell outta my pinch harmonics, so my G string is being ground up. It feels like grating sand now =T

I'm using Ernie Balls regular
I used Ernie Ball Regular Slinky...
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Use strings with special coating that are more durable:
* Elixir Nanoweb
* DR Black Beauty
I use zakk wylde medium strings but im not using them anymore because I have had them for like 3 weeks cleaning them very good and they are rusty as hell and I left for the weekend and came back and they were like a nail from a building from 20 yrs ago
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Electro Harmonix actually makes strings and I think they're top notch. They tune up very quickly and already have a warm, broken-in sound..not tinny like all the others when you first put them on. They last awhile if taken care of.
Hard to find tho...only one store in my area carries them. I gig frequently so I change my strings every two weeks or so. The store owner loves me. And at $5.25 a set it's not a bad price.
elixir definately they have a clear coat on it that supposidly makes the last longer and keep their tone
DEAN MARKLEY ALCHEMY STRINGS...They stay in tune forever it seems like AND I have yet to break a pair while playing.